About DF Tims

After getting a degree in English Literature and writing in 1968, I joined the exploding information revolution, training as a programmer analyst.

My IT career spanned computer and OS evolution from early third-generation mainframes—that filled large rooms and used punched card and paper tape input—to fourth generation processors and virtual machines—to personal computing and web-based applications. I designed, led, and managed development of online data based information systems for organizations as diverse as Harvard University, AT&T, the Federal Reserve Bank, and Merrill Lynch.

I also did groundbreaking work at those institutions in methodology, CASE, and software process. I acquired expertise and experience in the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) and trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

I’ve had a second career in digital media and videography. Working under my “creative alias”—Salam Tims—I have produced dozens of show videos and TV spots for dance and theater companies and schools throughout Florida and have found ways to continuously improve my creative process for making, editing, managing, and distributing digital media.

In parallel, this “English major” also launched a writing career—as screenwriter and author–and now writing about what I know best—systems, data, and process—as a blogger, copywriter, and author.

I’m still an expert and experienced project manager, systems analyst, and process-improvement analyst, available to consult in all three roles.

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